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Transparent Data Links

Operating any kind of base station or equipment in remote locations is now made much simpler with the new innovative technology from Stretch.

With the advanced features from Stretch, engineers no longer need to travel long distances to base stations to configure equipment.

They can now be linked via the cellular network with a transperant data link to perform a task from the convenience of a location anywhere in the world.

STRETCH technology not only offers you the opportunity to stay in touch with remote equipment but also allows your equipment to communicate with you on various levels.

With Stretch you can now monitor and reprogram a device remotely utilising the cellular network.
The technology allows you to download new software to equipment or upload error messages,
performance logs and statistics instantaneously, providing a convenient method of detecting and correcting problems quickly and cost effectively

  • Connect to RBS (Radio base station) via RS232 Port.
  • Remote configuration of RBS (Radio base station) via vendor specific OMT (Operations Maintenance Terminal) applications.
  • Hard reset of magazines via defined relay outputs.
  • Soft, reset of magazines via serial interface.
  • Monitoring logging of problem cells.

With the convinience of STRETCH technology incorporated into your company your employees can becom more productive by spending less time on the road travelling to reconfigure or monitor equipment.

To secure the security of your remote equipment within a cellular base station site,
STRETCH technology can also be intergrated into your site security system to alert you of fire or intruders the minute your security system is breached.

STRETCH will immediately send an SMS message to one or more designated cell phones to notify you of an intrusion.

STRETCH gives you the opportunity to be in total control of your remote equipment, without the need for a site visit

Along with the many features incorporated into STRETCH technology, the system has flexibility of being configured to your specific requirements,
helping you to create a more effective and efficient way of operating your business with the use of advanced technology