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With an open line of communication being one of the most important aspects of running a seccessful business,
STRETCH technology now offers companies a communications solution that will not only provide a fast and effective solution to communication problems bust offers a cost effective means of staying in touch.

With STRETCH technology connected to your PABX,
you will now have the option of using your office telephone as a GSM line rather than a telcom line.
This will allow you to set up a fast and effective communication solutions anywhere the need arises.

If you consider that phone calls from PSTN to GSM are more expensive than that from GSM to GSm, STRETCH technology will allow your PABX to re-route all cellular numbers dialled, saving on telephone calls.

STRETCH DAA (Direct Access Arrangement) solution will maintain an open line of communication in the event of a land line failure.
This means that your business will always have a reliable communications backup solution.

STRETCH can provide a temporary communication solution by providing voice and fax facilities in remote locations or in areas where communication has been lost for a short period of time.