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Industrial Applications

With the endless applications available with the STRETCH technology,

companies now have access to new and innovative ways to keeping track of important areas of their business via their cellular network.

By utilising advanced feature from STRETCH technology,

companies are now able to monitor production and gain information necessary to streamline the process and create a productive and efficient operation.

STRETCH technology allows you two-way communication from your cell phone to any area of your business.

What this means is that you can now remotely operate equipment or gain information from the same equipment on any area of your business by using your cell phone via the GSM network.

The system is so advanced that depending on your requiremnets, STRETCH technology can even send an SMS message to your cell phone to report on potentially hazardous situations.


  • STRETCH technology can be incorporated in your production plants to provide you with information on production, including equipment diagnostic reports.
  • It can allow you the ability to use your cell phone to manage machinery.
  • Notification of pwer failure.
  • It can also provide you with remote measurements of temperatures, pressures, flow rate levels or any analogue rediang via RS232.


  • Allow STRETCH to protect your payloads.
  • Be notified the minuet someone opens containers during transportation.
  • Automatic monitoring of refrigeration. STRETCH will notify you with an SMS message in the event of a malfunction.


  • Automatic SMS notification to someone on call.
  • Production and time tracking.


  • Connect STRETCH to your security system and receive immediate alarm and intrusion notification from your business to your cell phone via SMS.

STRETCH technology is flexible and can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer, offering both input and output applications to suit any business.