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Home Management System
New innovative STRETCH TECHNOLOGY gives you more control of your life
Imagine being able to link your house to your cell phone via your cellular network, allowing you to
remote control access literally any electrical appliance connected to your STRETCH GSM
communicator. STRETCH technology now makes this all possible

With one major concerns of today's households being security, STRETCH technology now offers
a solution that can give you more control over your security needs ever before

Allow STRETCH to put you in control of your security needs.....
With STRETCH technology installed in your home you will be given the opportunity to react in the event of a break-in. The minute your alarm systems detects a breach in security, Stretch will immediately notify you of the situation by sendung a SMS(Short messaging system) message to you or your family's cellphone in addition to notifying securities systems remote management system.

With STRETCH installed in your home, your cell phone will now beable to perform many useful functions.

  • Switch lights on or off in your house.
  • Lock or open doors.
  • Check whether or not you have activated your security system.
  • Receive automatic SMS messages from your house the minute there is a break-in and information as to which area of your house has been breached
  • Notification of power failure.
  • The ability to switch almost anything on or off.

All you require to utilise the various functions of Stretch is a data only Simcard from a GSM cellular service provider of your choice.

With limitless applications, the sky is the limit as to how STRETCH technology can add more convinience and peace of mind to life.